Cloning Checks

You can clone individual checks from the "Check Details" page:

The "Create a Copy" button

The "Create a Copy..." function creates a new check in the same project and copies over the following:

  • Name, tags, description
  • Schedule
  • Assigned notification methods

The newly created check has a different ping URL and an empty event log.

Cloning All Checks Into a New Project

It is sometimes useful to clone an entire project. For example, when recreating an existing deployment in a new region. The Healthchecks web interface does not have a function to clone an entire project, but you can clone all checks in the project relatively easily using the Management API calls. Below is an example using Python and the requests library:

import requests

API_URL = ""

r = requests.get(API_URL, headers={"X-Api-Key": SOURCE_PROJECT_READONLY_KEY})
for check in r.json()["checks"]:
    print("Cloning %s" % check["name"]), json=check, headers={"X-Api-Key": TARGET_PROJECT_KEY})